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Swirling Vase, Matte White, 3D Printed

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€46,00 EUR
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€46,00 EUR

Making a house a home is all about adding those finishing touches you can't find anywhere else. That is why we designed this swirling vase. The spiralized shape adds a touch of contemporary elegance to any room and is the perfect eye-catcher to present your dried flowers.

Key benefits

  • Crafted with care from corn starch and brought to life by 3D printing technology
  • Enjoy the stunning matte finish of your swirling vase
  • A great way to showcase a standard bouquet in amongst a modern interior

Get to know your new swirling vase:
Size: 14.9 x 40 cm
Neck size: 10.4 cm
Weight: 300 grams

Please note: although this vase is strong and durable it’s not watertight and only intend-ed for dried and silk flowers.

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Designed and made in the Netherlands.