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Table Vase LILY
From €44,00
Blossom Ochre Cobalt Marble + 1 more
From €49,00
Cobalt Gray Black Ochre + 1 more
Table Vase VENUS
From €36,00
Black Beige Olive Gray Ivory + 2 more
Table Vase LUNA
From €38,00
Black Beige Ivory Gray Olive + 2 more
Table vase NOVA
From €36,00
Beige Ivory Black Olive Gray + 2 more
From €52,00
Black Marble Yellow Olive + 1 more
From €38,00
Beige Black White
Wavy Vase AQUA
From €44,00
Yellow Black Cobalt

Find the perfect vase for your table

If you're looking for a way to add some elegance to your small tables or to create a charming collection of decorative objects, small vases are perfect. They're designed to hold just a few stems, and they really stand out as a focal point on your table. Small table vases are especially great for side tables or windowsills and can add a touch of intimacy and charm to your decor.

Medium-sized table vases are versatile and can hold simple or more intricate floral arrangements. They're ideal for dining and coffee tables, providing a balanced visual appeal.

If you have a lot of space on your tables, large vases can be used as eye-catching statement pieces. They're perfect for displaying dried or silk flower bouquets or as decorative items on their own.