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Floor vase FLORA
From €59,00
Ivory Blossom Ochre Black + 1 more
Floor vase ROSE
From €62,00
Ochre Cobalt Black Gray + 1 more
From €42,00
Beige Black Ivory Gray + 1 more
Floor Vase STELLA
From €59,00
Black Beige Ivory Olive Gray + 2 more
From €55,00
Ivory Black Marble
Floor Vase DIAMOND
From €58,00
Black White Yellow Marble + 1 more

Styling your home with floor vases

Choose a compatible color scheme
Select a floor vase that complements or accents your existing color palette. If your living room has a monochromatic scheme, a splash of color from a vase can add a playful touch.

Consider the vase's texture and finish
Matte finishes can offer a subtle, sophisticated look, while a translucent vase can offer a sleek, modern appeal. Choose a texture that will harmonize with your room's aesthetic.

Play with heights
Pairing your floor vase with items of varying heights can create depth and interest. Consider the height of your furniture and choose a vase that complements it.

Mix and match materials
A 3D-printed vase made from bioplastic can add a refreshing touch to vases in other materials, such as ceramic, glass, or wood.