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Our passion is to help you brighten up your space in a sustainable and stylish way.

At Slimprint, we believe interior design can be beautiful and eco-friendly.

That's why we create unique items that perfectly match your style from renewable and recycled materials.

Our 3D print studio combines digital design and 3D printing technology to bring you vases in stunning shapes and textures. And with our focus on using sustainable plastic materials, we're helping to pave the way towards a more eco-friendly future of interior design.

Join us in positively changing your life and the world around you.


3D print studio

At the heart of our 3D print studio is the 3D printer. Our machines use PLA bio-plastic and recycled PETG materials to create our vases in large-format.

Achieving a flawless print is a balancing act between speed, resolution, and material properties. We use locally sourced materials to create artistic products with perfectly stacked layers in a sustainable way.

That's the art of 3D printing.

3D Printed vases created layer by layer

Additive manufacturing enables us to create sustainable vases with unique shapes and textures and personalize them to your liking

This innovative technology optimizes material usage and minimizes waste, resulting in eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing items.

It's time to fully embrace the limitless possibilities of 3D printing home decor.

Designer and maker at Slimprint

Erwin Boxen

I am a designer who has taught myself how to print my own decorative objects. Through my studio, Slimprint, I aim to help you achieve a unique and personal look for your interior spaces.

My work is centered around sustainable and personalized production, and I am happy to assist you in finding or designing the perfect vase for your home.

Let's ignite creativity and decorate consciously!

Imagine being able to produce beautiful objects, using only the energy and materials needed, while striving for zero waste.

With 3D printing, this is possible.

The fusion of digital design, 3D printing, and eco-friendly materials opens up endless possibilities to bring vases to life that are truly special.

Let's make a sustainable impact, one 3D printed vase at a time.

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