Decorate your space
with a 3D printed vase 🌻

Create gorgeous flower arrangements

Put your flowers in the spotlight

Enjoy vases with stunning forms and fascinating textures.

Beautiful aesthetics materialized in creative items. Items that grab your attention every time.

Create a true eye-catcher with a 3D printed vase.

Sustainable decor

Sustainability is a design opportunity.

3D printing enables home decor creation from renewable and recycled materials.

Add a touch of elegance to any room with peace of mind.

3D printed home decor

3D printing is revolutionizing the world of home décor. This technology allows me to combine complex designs and beautiful textures into truly unique decoration pieces.

Sustainable styling

3D printing also allows home décor pieces to be more environmentally friendly. Using renewable and recycled materials as building blocks offer a way to give a new life to existing plastic materials.

Innovation meets design

By combining traditional home décor elements with modern 3D printing technology, we can create pieces with intricate details and beautiful designs to help you decorate your home.

This is my second vase from Erwin and I am a great fan! The quality is amazing and the shipping as well. I got some little presents and the contact was super.
— Lisa
Thanks a lot for the vase and the little gifts, much appreciated!
— Isaac
Excellent communication, prompt delivery and a beautiful product.

Highly recommended!
— Maria
Super beautiful vase! Looks great in our new kitchen. The vase is really special, the colors and the reflections each have a different look according to the incidence of light, from dark to light green, which makes it very fascinating and unique ... Erwin is also a very sympathetic seller, always quick and friendly messages.
— Marina
Erwin communicated well regarding the order and was very courteous - so excellent customer service. Ordered x2 vases. They arrived in bullet proof packaging and were exactly as sold. Very good quality and super happy with my purchase.
— Anthony