Brighten up your home

Add style to your space with a sustainable, 3D printed vase.

  • Adaptive design

    From digital design to your home. 3D printed decoration that fits your style. With your idea and our 3D printers, we can make any vase you like.

  • 3D Printing

    Each piece is created layer by layer with the help of 3D printing. Brighten up your interior with an eye-catching vase made just for you.

  • Home decor

    Enrich any interior with your favourite bouquet of dried flowers and match it with a unique vase. Made from renewable and recycled materials.

Vases for dried flowers

Decorative vases

Vases can be customised to your wishes. From matt to translucent and sparkling there is always a vase that fits your style and interior.

Any questions? Please send me a message.

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3D Printed Floor Vase

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3D Printed Floor Vases | 2022

The right vase will help your flower arrangement retain its most attractive shape.

With a 3D printed floor vase, you can be sure that your flowers will flourish!

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Decorative vases for artificial flowers