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Whether you are looking for a unique shape, texture, color, large or small, there is always a 3D printed vase that matches your style and space


Vase stands

A creative touch to brighten up any table, desk or bookshelf. Each stand contains a glass cylinder vase to showcase your favorite flowers

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I love helping people add creativity to their space through sustainable 3D printed home accessories

About me

3D models

The beauty of 3D printing is being able to create your own home decoration. Got a 3D printer? Check out my 3D printable vases and 3D print your own.

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Brighten up your home with 3D printed decor

  • Adaptive design

    From digital design to your home. I create 3D printed decoration that adapts to your style and taste. Dutch design at its finest.

  • 3D Printing

    Each item is created layer by layer and is a one-off production. Brighten up your space with sustainable, eye-catching decoration.

  • Home decor

    Match your favorite dried flowers with a unique vase, made just for you. All created using plant-based and recycled materials.