Brighten up your home

Add style to your space with a sustainable, 3D printed vase.

  • Adaptive design

    From digital design to your home. 3D printed decoration that fits your style. With your idea and our 3D printers, we can make any vase you like.

  • 3D Printing

    Each piece is created layer by layer with the help of 3D printing. Brighten up your interior with an eye-catching vase made just for you.

  • Home decor

    Enrich any interior with your favourite bouquet of dried flowers and match it with a unique vase. Made from renewable and recycled materials.

Vases for dried flowers

Decorative vases

Vases can be customised to your wishes. From matt to translucent and sparkling there is always a vase that fits your style and interior.

Any questions? Please send me a message.

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Ideas & inspiration

We capture ideas and turn them into decor

Transforming creative ideas into unique decor is what drives us. Digital design and 3D printing will shape the future of art and decor.

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Decorative vases for artificial flowers