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Tall Vase FLUX, 37 - 47 cm
From €46,00
CobaltWhiteBlackMustard yellowMoss green+ 2 more
Tall Vase TWIST, 40 - 60 cm
From €38,00
Moss greenWhiteBlackMarble+ 1 more
Bud Vase DROPLET, 30 - 45 cm
From €36,00
Mustard yellowEmerald greenWhiteBlack+ 1 more
Modern Vase QUARTZ, 35 - 45 cm
From €39,00
MarbleBlackYellowMoss greenBeige+ 2 more
Wavy Vase FLOW, 37 - 47 cm
From €43,00
TerracottaMoss greenBlackWhite+ 1 more
Oval Vase BOLO, 35 - 45 cm
From €34,00
TerracottaMustard yellowBlackMarble+ 1 more
Elegant Vase GROOVE, 35 - 50 cm
From €36,00
MarbleWhiteAnthraciteBlackBeige+ 2 more
Textured Vase ONYX, 30 - 45 cm
From €32,00
TerracottaCobaltBlackWhiteOpal green+ 2 more
Geometric Vase DOT, 30 - 45 cm
From €32,00
BlackYellowWhiteMoss greenSilver+ 2 more
Round Vase PASTILLE, 25 cm
Emerald greenCyan blueMustard yellowAnthracite+ 1 more

Made in the Netherlands

Each individual vase is created in our 3D printing studio in the Netherlands. Express your unique style and add a personal touch to your home décor with a one-of-a-kind vase made with 3D printing technology.

Created layer by layer

Our vases are created from polylactic acid (PLA) a renewable bio-plastic material and recycled PETG.

Each material has its unique properties and exquisite details. From matt to translucent appeal, you'll receive a sustainable vase like no other.

Unique vases

No matter your vase, you will receive a unique piece made just for you.

Each 3D printed vase consists of hundreds of layers and is a one-off production. Match your favorite dried flowers with a 3D-printed vase and start decorating sustainably.

Put your flowers in the spotlight