Vases are delicate objects that can tip over from time to time. Especially in homes where children or pets are present. What can you do to prevent a vase from tipping over?

These tips will help you keep your vase upright

The way your flowers are arranged and the contents have a big influence on the stability of the object. The first thing to check is whether your vase is really on a flat and firm surface. A wooden shelf or coffee table may in fact wobble when used regularly. Or because of the natural grooves of the wood.

Chances are you have already checked this, so below are some tips that you might consider.

Put sand / pebbles in the bottom of the vase

The easiest way to prevent a vase from tipping over is to pour fine sand or pebbles into it. This lowers the vase's center of gravity, making it more stable and less likely to topple over. With a vase that is narrow and tall, the center of gravity is higher, requiring less force to topple it. A vase with a wide bottom usually does not need this. To make sure your vase stays clean on the inside, you can put the sand or pebbles in a Ziploc bag. This is also useful if you want to hide it in a translucent vase.

Arrange your flowers in the center of the vase

Spreading the flowers evenly around the vase and placing them in the center of the vase will keep it more stable.

Place your vase in the corner of the room

Place floor vases in out of the way spots like corners or between pieces of furniture and the wall. This prevents someone from accidentally bumping into it, causing it to topple over.

Use museum putty / double sided tape

If you would like to keep your vase standing upright without putting sand in it, you can also opt for Museum Putty.This is a kind of sticky clay that you can easily apply to any surface. It is not harmful or toxic to your furniture or surface and easy to remove. This way, you can still easily arrange your flowers and move the vase if you want.

An alternative is double-sided tape. But please note, tape can leave marks after a while, unlike the Museum Putty. You can usually get these off just by cleaning it thoroughly. It’s also a bit more difficult. The other downside with tape is, the vase is usually firmly attached to its surface. So it makes it a bit harder to move the vase around.

You can solve this by attaching the tape to a decorative tile or base to which you attach the vase with tape. This way, you can easily move the vase and it won't fall over.

Hopefully, the tips above will help you so that your vase will stay upright from now on. Would you like to know more about how to keep your decoration in top condition? You'll learn more about it in my blog.
Erwin Boxen