Pampas grass has taken the world of home decor and interior design by storm. The fluffy ornamental grass is a stylish and versatile way to bring texture, elegance, and warmth to your space.

How do you style it in your space, and what are the best vases to use this beautiful decorative grass? In this comprehensive guide, we give you tips on integrating pampas grass into your decor.

Where does pampas grass come from, and why is it so popular?

Pampas grasses are a tall, feathery ornamental grass native to South America. It has become a popular choice for interior decoration because of its neutral colors, unique texture, and elegant look! Pampas grass comes in various shades, including beige, cream, gray and pink, making it tremendously versatile!

What are the advantages of decorating with pampas grass?

  • Low maintenance: Unlike living plants, pampas grass requires minimal care. Thus, it is ideal for busy homeowners or those without a green thumb.
  • Sophisticated look: pampas grass adds a unique tactile experience to your room thanks to its mix of softness and a classy, elegant look.
  • Neutral colors: because ornamental grass is available in many shades, it blends seamlessly with various furnishing styles and color schemes.
  • Stylish composition: the tall, farther-like plumes add height and style to your space, making it easy to fill empty corners or create focal points.
Decorating a space with pampas grass

How do you style pampas grass with a vase?

When styling with pampas grass, the vase you choose is crucial. Here are aspects you can consider:

  • Size: choose a vase that supports at least three-quarters of the long stems of pampas grass. This will show off the plumes best and prevent the vase from falling over.
  • Shape: add an elegant touch by choosing a vase with an elegant or organic form. Or create an eye-catcher with a unique vase shape with texture or pattern.
  • Material: go for a vase you love! Whether made of plastic, glass, or ceramic, a mix of materials will add a playful touch to your space.
  • Color: choose a vase in a neutral color that complements the shades of your pampas grass, or choose a contrasting shade that stands out!

Decorating with pampas grass: room by room

Once you've chosen your pampas grass and vase, the best part begins: styling! Be inspired on how to incorporate this beautiful ornamental grass into different rooms of your home.

Living room

Pampas grass is an ideal addition to your living room, whether you like a minimalist, bohemian, or contemporary style. Here are some ideas for incorporating pampas grass into your living room:

  • On a sideboard: place a vase filled with pampas grass on a coffee table as a centerpiece point to create and add height to the room.
  • In a standing vase: place plumes in a large vase to fill an empty corner or make a wall more attractive.
  • As a centerpiece: arrange some ornamental grasses on a coffee table or side table in a low vase for an understated but elegant centerpiece.
Decorating a living room with pampas grass

Dining room or kitchen

Pampas grass can be a cozy addition to your dining room or kitchen décor.

  • Table centerpiece: put a centerpiece on your dining table by placing small stems of pampas grass in a tall vase on your dining table.
  • On a sideboard: decorate your cabinet with one or more vases of pampas grass.
  • When visiting: incorporate pampas grass into a seasonal tableau for a special occasion or holiday meal.
  • On a kitchen island: place pampas grass in a pretty vase on your kitchen island for a simple but eye-catching centerpiece.
  • On a windowsill: arrange some panicles in a vase on your windowsill for a natural look, indoors and out.


Add a touch of tranquility and warmth to your bedroom with pampas grass.

  • On a bedside table: put a vase filled with pampas grass on your bedside table to create a soothing and cozy atmosphere.
  • By a dressing mirror: place pampas grass in a tall vase next to a dressing mirror to subtly add coziness to the room.
  • On a dresser: arrange pampas grass in a decorative vase on your dresser for a chic touch.
Decorating a bedroom with pampas grass


You can also use pampas grass to add a touch of beauty to your bathroom.

  • On a vanity: put pampas grass in a vase on the vanity for a touch of elegance and texture.
  • By the bathtub: place pampas grass in a standing vase by your bathtub to create a relaxing and spa-like aura.
  • On a shelf: arrange pampas grass on a bathroom shelf alongside other decorative elements for a cohesive and stylish look.


Pampas grass can transform an ordinary hallway into an inviting and visually appealing space.

  • On a side table: place a vase filled with plumes on a console table in the hallway to create a warm and inviting atmosphere
  • In a standing vase: place pampas grass in a large vase to fill an empty corner or make a blank wall more attractive.
  • On a staircase: arrange pampas grass in a vase on the landing of a staircase or along the railing for a unique and eye-catching display.
Decorating a hall with pampas grass

Frequently asked questions about decorating with pampas grass

We've answered some questions below to help you get the most out of your pampas grass decors below.

How do I keep my pampas grass looking fluffy?

To make sure your pampas grass stays looking fluffy, it's best to place your tufts in a quiet spot. Think of places where it is not touched often or in a draft. You can spray the plumes with light coats of hairspray to keep them in shape.

Can I dye pampas grass?

Yes, you can dye pampas grass to match your personal style or color scheme. Simply use a paint spray designed for use on natural materials and follow the manufacturer's instructions for the best results.

Is pampas grass safe for pets?

Pampas grass is not toxic to dogs and cats. However, like any plant material, ingesting pampas grass can cause mild stomach upset in pets. By placing the plumes in a tall vase, you can avoid this.

What are popular pampas grasses?

Cortaderia selloana is the well-known pampas grass with creamy white flowering plumes that is a bit more compact. Miscanthus sinensis is a Japanese ornamental grass with reed-like stems and narrow leaves. Stipa gigantea is native to Spain and Portugal and is a beautiful, decorative filamentous ornamental grass.

Embrace the elegance of pampas grass

Pampas grass is a versatile, stylish, and low-maintenance way to beautify your interiors. From living rooms to dining rooms and bedrooms to bathrooms, pampas grass is guaranteed to add warmth and elegance to your room. Now that you're well-equipped to create stunning, eye-catching arrangements, we wish you lots of fun styling!
Erwin Boxen