Tall vases can be a beautiful and eye-catching focal point in your space. But what flowers are best to spruce up that empty corner of your living room, hallway, or kitchen? We've got you covered with tips to help you pick the best flowers for your vases.

How to pick the right flowers for a tall vase?

When choosing flowers for a tall vase, consider a few things. The color of the vase you want to use for your arrangement, the shape and size of the vase, and the height of the flowers.

Color coordination

When selecting flowers for a tall vase, consider the color of the vase itself. Choose flowers that complement or contrast with the vase color to create a visually appealing arrangement. In short, complementing colors create a contrast and make each other appear more vibrant. Examples are blue and orange, yellow and purple, and red and green. Whereas contrasting colors are colors that are different from each other. Such as black and white, green and magenta, blue and red. Experimenting with different colors can make your arrangement stand out on any occasion. Below are some additional tips:

Keep your mood in mind.

Do you want to create an expressive or rather subdued composition? Thinking about this helps you make a choice about certain flowers. For example, choose contrasting colors if you're going for a bright and cheerful look. If you're going for a more subdued and elegant look, choose a vase and flowers in complementary colors.

Think about the occasion.

Are you selecting flowers for a special occasion, such as a wedding or anniversary? If so, you may want to choose flowers in traditional colors, such as red and white for a wedding or pink and red for an anniversary.

Tune into your home decorations.

Taking into account the color palette of your interior prevents your floral arrangement from clashing with your decoration. Do you have a colorful living style? You could go for a neutral floral arrangement so it doesn't overwhelm the space. Instead, do you have a subdued interior? Then, a colorful bouquet is a fun way to add a splash of color.

Matching the shape and size of your vase

The size and shape of the vase play a crucial role in the overall aesthetic of your flower arrangement. For a tall vase, consider selecting flowers with longer stems and larger blooms to create a balanced and visually pleasing look. Additionally, ensure that the vase opening is wide enough to accommodate the flower stems without overcrowding.

The key is to strike a balance between providing enough space for the flowers to breathe and being displayed in an attractive manner.

The height of your bouquet

Choosing flowers with varying heights will add depth and dimension to your tall vase arrangement. Opt for a mix of tall and medium flowers to create an attractive display. This will also prevent the flowers from getting lost within the tall vase.

Popular flower choices for tall vases

When it comes to choosing the best flowers for tall vases, there are plenty of stunning options to consider. Here are some popular choices that are guaranteed to make a statement:

Flower Description Colors
Roses Elegant and timeless, suitable for a single color or mix of hues for a romantic and sophisticated look. Red, white, yellow, ivory, peach, pink
Lilies Large, dramatic blooms perfect for creating an eye-catching focal point in tall vases. White, yellow, cream and pink
Sunflowers Vibrant and cheerful, they bring a burst of sunshine to any arrangement. Yellow
Tulips Symbolizing love, they offer a fresh and charming display with a wide range of colors. Red, pink, white, purple and yellow
Orchids Exotic and delicate, ideal for creating elegant and sophisticated arrangements. Red, orange, yellow, pink, white and purple
Hyacinths Fragrant and colorful, their sweet scent and vibrant colors add freshness to any room. Red, white, pink, rose, lavender, blue and purple
Hydrangeas Known for lush, full blooms ideal for filling tall vases, available in a range of hues. Blue, pink and white
Gladioli Tall, slender stalks adorned with multiple flowers, perfect for adding height and drama. Red, white, pink, orange, yellow and purple
Pampas grass Feathery plumes offer a unique, bohemian look. White, silver, cream or blue-green
Amaryllis Large, awe-inspiring flowers that make a bold statement in any arrangement. Red, white, pink, salmon, apricot
Delphinium Enchanting flowers in vibrant blue or purple hues that add height and visual impact. Blue, red, pink, white and purple
Bellflowers Delicate, bell-shaped flowers that add a playful touch to your room White, pink and purple
Cherry blossom branches Delicate blossoms, ideal for creating an elegant floral display using a tall vase. White, pink
Thistles Spiky and unique, perfect for a more unconventional and rustic look. Purple, pink, green
Snapdragons Tall spikes adorned with vibrant blossoms, adding an element of play to your space. Red, white, pink, purple, yellow, orange
Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise) Highly distinctive and tropical-looking, ideal for creating a striking display. Orange
Irises Elegant and intricate petals, available in a variety of colors for a sophisticated arrangement. Blue, purple, yellow, white, pink, orange, brown
Peony Lush and voluminous blooms that give a romantic and luxurious touch to your room. Red, pink, white, yellow


Time to experiment!

There are endless flower arrangement combinations to create. To figure out what kind of flower and vase will make you happy, you will have to mix and match. By taking into account the mood you want to exude and matching your flowers and vases to that, you can't go wrong!

Enjoy the design process, and have fun styling!

Erwin Boxen