3D Printed Vases

Why 3D printed decor?

Sustainability matters. Raw material resources and are not infinitely available, so it is important that we use them wisely. In order to significantly reduce our environmental footprint we have to create and consume more sustainably.

That's where 3D printing comes in.

With the help of digital design and 3D printing it is possible to create decorative items using renewable and recycled materials. 3D printing allows us to transform a digital design into a three-dimensional object very efficiently. By building up an object layer by layer, we only use the material and the energy that is required.

By combining elements that reflect your personality with design elements such as form, function, material and color, we can create unique items that you'll love, such as vases and vase stands. Whether you are looking for a sustainable centerpiece, a personalized gift or a custom-made décor piece. The possibilities are endless.

Welcome to the future of home decoration.

Find the 3D printed vase that fits your style

Add style and authenticity to any room with a decorative vase made just for you. Whether you want to add a finishing touch to your living room, bedroom or office. Let the future of fabrication help you create the perfect ambience with a creative decoration piece that is truly unique.

Sustainable 3D printed vases

We care about nature. That is why all our 3D printed vases are made of plant-based (and often 100% recycled) plastics. These renewable & recyclable materials are strong, durable, lightweight and versatile. We can transform these materials into real showpieces and at the same time reduce the use of fossil-based materials, which is ultimately better for you and our planet.

Looking for a small or tall vase?  No problem!

3D printing allows us to scale a design smaller or larger if needed, so you decide whether you want a small or a tall vase. There's always a vase that fits you. Adaptability is at our core. Learn more about what we do.

Beauty is in the details

Complex shapes, fascinating patterns and beautiful material and color combinations, the beauty of a 3D print vase is in the details. From a matte vase to a translucent one, the possibilities of personalizing your home with a 3D printed vase are endless.

Timelapse video of a 3D printed vase

Add a splash of color to your home

Find the vase you love

From a wavy vase to a geometric vase, 3D printed decoration can be created to your liking.

Choose sustainability

We use the finest plant-based materials we can find and turn them into real eye-catchers

Carefully made for you

Each vase is a one-off production and is carefully 3D printed for you in hundreds of layers.