Wavy Vase AQUA, Recycled Vase for Dried Flowers

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Wavy Vase AQUA - Brighten up your home with a sustainable 3D printed centerpiece. The flowing lines and layered texture of this contemporary decoration vase give any room a touch of elegance. Turn your favorite dried flowers or pampas grass into a sustainable eye-catcher with Wavy Vase Aqua.

With its curved shape and smooth texture this bulb vase fits well in any modern and minimalist interior. The vase is created using 3D printing. This technology allows a unique shape and texture to be formed layer by layer into a unique vase. Each vase is made from recycled PLA plastic, made from locally recycled plastic water bottles and fruit packaging.

The material has a beautiful matt look and feels smooth to the touch. Each 3D printed vase is a one-off production made specially for you. The vase is sturdy, stable and lightweight. Looking for a playful decoration piece for your coffee table, desk or shelf? This wavy vase is the perfect centerpiece to add a splash of creativity to any room. On request, this vase is also available in other colors.

Please note, the vase is intended for dried flowers and is not watertight.

Size: 12.6 x 30 cm
Diameter neck: 6 cm
Weight: 185 grams

Size: 14.7 x 35 cm
Diameter neck: 7 cm
Weight: 255 grams

Size: 16.8 x 40 cm
Diameter neck: 7.6 cm
Weight: 340 grams

Size: 19 x 45 cm
Diameter neck: 8.5 cm
Weight: 420 grams

If you have a question or a custom request, please contact me for more info.

Designed and made in the Netherlands.