Elegant Spiral Vase for Dried Flowers

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Add a touch of elegance to your space with this 3D printed spiral vase. With its swirling shape and smooth layered texture, it fits into any interior.

Whether you're looking for a finishing touch for your coffee table or desk. Or rather a unique floor vase. The vase is very versatile. Match this stylish vase with your favorite dried flowers to create a true showpiece.

Each spiral vase is created layer by layer using 3D printing. Its spiraled shape consists of hundreds of tiny layers and is uniquely made for you. The spiral vase has a beautiful matte finish which is smooth to the touch. The material is an recycled, plant-based plastic, derived from recycled food packaging. So, with this decorative vase you also give a new life to existing precious materials.


+ Beautiful spiral shape
+ Smooth Matte finish
+ Lightweight, yet very sturdy
+ Every piece is made especially for you
+ Made from recycled materials
+ Not suitable for water, but this way it stays beautiful for a long time!

The Spiral vase is currently available in two colors:

- Matte Black
- Cobalt Blue

If you have a question about colors or sizes? Please let me know. I am happy to help you.

Please note: this spiral vase is not watertight and intended for dried flowers only.


    Size: 13.5 x 30 cm
    Diameter neck: 3.8 cm
    Weight: 230 grams
      Size: 15.7 x 35 cm
      Diameter neck: 4.5 cm
      Weight: 310 grams
        Size: 18 x 40 cm
        Diameter neck: 5.2 cm
        Weight: 410 grams
          Size: 20.2 x 45 cm

          Diameter neck: 5.8 cm
          Weight: 520  grams

          Designed and made in the Netherlands.