Geometric Vase CROSS, Modern Room Decor

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With its delicately curved shape and geometric texture, 3D printed vase CROSS is a unique eye-catcher. Combine its contemporary look with your favorite dried flowers or pampas grass and give any room a stunning finishing touch.

This geometric vase was 3D printed and constructed layer by layer using vegetable PLA plastic, based on corn starch. Each vase is a one-off production and is made specially for you. The geometric design fits perfectly into a contemporary interior. During the day, the light casts a beautiful shadow effect along the curved shape of the surface.

Showcase your favorite dried flowers in this unique decoration vase. Looking for a specific color or size? Feel free to send me a message, I am happy to help you.

Please note: this vase is intended for dried flowers and is not watertight


Size: 14 x 30 cm
Diameter neck: 5.1 cm
Weight: 226 grams

Size: 16.3 x 35 cm
Diameter neck: 6 cm
Weight: 305 grams

Size: 18.7 x 40 cm
Diameter neck: 6.8 cm
Weight: 402 grams

Designed and made by Erwin Boxen