Geometric Vase, 3D Printed

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This geometric vase combines an elegantly curved shape with a geometric pattern. Its layered texture casts a fascinating subtle shadow effect on the curved shape of the vase and changes with the light throughout the day.

Looking for a sustainable centerpiece for your coffee table? Or a unique floor vase? Add a splash of creative design to any room with this geometric vase and transform your favorite bouquet of dried flowers into a true eye-catcher. Each vase is a one-off production and is created layer by layer from recycled, plant-based, PLA plastic.

This vase is available in different colors, each with its own features:

- Matte finish: Black, Cobalt blue, Terracotta red
- Semi-gloss finish: Silver, Green
- Translucent: Cyan blue

My passion is helping people add a splash of creativity and sustainable design to any space. So, If you have any questions about sizes, colors and materials, please let me know. I am happy to help you. On request I can also create a vase for you based on your wishes.

Please note, the vase is designed for dried flowers and is not watertight.


- Size: 17.2 x 35 cm
- Diameter neck: 4 cm
- Weight: 270 grams

- Size: 19.6 x 40 cm
- Diameter neck: 4.5 cm
- Weight: 350 grams

- Size: 22.1 x 45 cm
- Diameter neck: 5.1 cm
- Weight: 450 grams

Designed and made in the Netherlands.