Bud Vase DOT, Matte 3D Printed Vase

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DOT is a modern bud vase, made from plant based PLA material. Each vase is carefully crafted with a 3D printer and features an appealing geometric pattern. The contemporary look of this decorative vase gives your dried flowers a beautiful place to flourish.

Choose the vase that suits you
From small to large. Each vase can be 3D printed up to a maximum of 50 cm in height. So you can choose what suits you. From a small decorative vase in your bookshelf to a beautiful floor vase, it's up to you.

Contemporary eye-catcher
Each vase is a one-off production and is personally made by me. Since they are available in different colors, you can be sure that you get a unique, contemporary eye-catcher to present your flowers in. Don't see your color listed? Please send me a message so I can help you with a customized vase.

Plant based material
The plastic material the vase is made of is produced from eco-friendly resources such as corn starch and sugar beet pulp. The material is stacked layer by layer to transform the digital design into a lovely vase for dried flowers. The result is a sturdy elegant item that is lightweight and smooth to the touch.

PLEASE NOTE: These vases are intended for dried flowers only and are not watertight.


  • 16.2 x 30 cm - neck: 4.1 cm - 185 grams
  • 18.9 x 35 cm - neck: 4.8 cm - 255 grams
  • 21.6 x 40 cm - neck: 5.4 cm - 340 grams
  • 24.3 x 45 cm - neck: 6 cm - 425 grams
  • 27 x 50 cm - neck: 6.8 cm - 525 grams

If you have a custom request, please contact me for more info.

Designed and made by Erwin Boxen.