How to make a giant plant pot

Why I love 3D printing so much is that you have the freedom to make practically anything you want within the limits of the build volume.

Recently I was asked by friend (X) whether I make other things besides vases. He was looking for a plant pot of at least 22 cm by 22 cm in order to put a beautiful indoor plant in it. The answer was: of course! Below you can learn more about the process from design to the final plant pot.


The plant pot had to match X's interior and at the same time be a real eye-catcher.  To make the item fit its interior, X wanted a relatively dark colour for the plant pot, such as silver, anthracite or black. At his request, I then found some options and presented them to him. X thought that the anthracite colour suited him best, so we chose that.

For the design, it was important to know whether the plant should be put in with or without a pot. This affects the possibilities in terms of shape and size of the top. After all, if you want to put in a plant with a pot, you want there to be enough room for it to fit. In this case it didn't matter to X, he wanted to put the plant in without a pot.

I then went to work on a design and this is what it turned out to be: a twisted plant pot.

Larger nozzle = larger material output

Although I frequently print plant pots, the one of this size is a new challenge. The size was 29 x 22.5 cm, which is huge for a regular 3D printed object. With a regular nozzle (1 mm) it would have taken me about 34 hours to print, which is of course a very long time. That is why I started looking for a way to speed up the printing time without compromising the surface quality.

After all, we are talking about an object of approximately 650 grams of material, and it would be a waste if I had to start all over again halfway through, just because something happens. So, it had to work right the first time.

I then came across a new kind of nozzle for my 3D printer, with an internal splice core, which heats the filament not only around but also on the inside. The result is an up to 30% higher melting capacity. Because of the higher melting capacity, I was able to print higher and wider lines, effectively reducing the printing time from 34 to just 22 hours.

Result: XL Plant pot

The result is a giant plant pot that is made in less than 24 hours.

The plant pot is made from PETG, which is resistant to water and UV light. This means that the plant pot will last a long time, especially if you use it indoors like X. However, the plant pot can of course also be used outdoors.

Below are some photos of the final result.

If you have an idea for an object of your own, feel free to send me a message. I will be happy to help you with a design.