3D Printed Floor Vase ideas | 2022

The right floor vase will help your flower arrangement retain its most attractive shape by elegantly supporting the flowers. They also serve as a beautiful eye-catcher in any room. With a 3D printed floor vase, you can be sure that your flower arrangement will flourish! 

Floor vase

Floor vases come in all shapes and sizes. From tall and narrow vases to wide vases with a unique texture, 3D printing makes it possible to easily match your favourite flower arrangement to a matching vase.

The shape of the floor vase determines the position of the flowers and gives it its character.

Do you have a tall bouquet of dried flowers and branches? Then perhaps a slender vase is the right match.

If you have a large and wide bouquet, then you might consider an oval or cylinder-shaped vase.

Large vase for flowers

The type of flower arrangement you want to present defines to a large extent which vase is best for it.

After all, you want to give your flowers room to shine, not hide them. 

Each large vase for flowers has its own characteristics. An oval-shaped vase, for example, has a wide opening that allows you to display your large bouquet horizontally

A tall floor vase usually presents a bouquet more vertically.

In the end, it is a matter of your wishes and style. 

Set of vases

A 3D printed floor vase certainly adds a touch of elegance to your interior, and it doesn't necessarily have to be accompanied by flowers.

By combining shape, texture and colour, you can match your own set of vases that are sure to put a smile on your face.

A set of vases is also ideal for dividing a large bouquet of artificial flowers into small bouquets. To create a colourful ambiance.

Tall vase decor

Are you looking for a unique addition to your style?

With a wide choice of eco-friendly and exotic plastics, decorating with tall vases has never been so much fun.

From a matt look to shiny, there is always a vase to fit you.

A 3D printed floor vase can be printed up to 60 cm height and 32 cm in width.

3D printed texture

Each floor vase is built up in hundreds of layers. 3D printing makes it possible to bring creative shapes and textures to life in a unique item you love.

The range of design possibilities continues to grow and this enables me to come up with new designs to help you even better. From geometric patterns to spiral curves, 3D printed textures give every room a contemporary feel.

Do you have a custom request? Feel free to contact me, I would be happy to help. Or take a look at my current collection.

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