Is a 3D printed vase UV-resistant?

How does sunlight affect your 3D printed vase? Is your vase 3D printed vase UV resistant? And how do you keep your vase looking good for a long time? In this blog, I answer these questions.

Suppose you give your interior a finishing touch with a 3D printed vase. Should you then worry about the effect of sunlight on your vase? Or the place where you put it?

3D printed vases are in fact made of plastic materials. Plastics are known to be affected by sunlight over time. But what does this mean?

How does sunlight affect my 3D printed vase?

UV radiation has a impact on color and properties of plastics. UV radiation in sunlight interacts with the carbon compounds in the polymer and breaks them, over time. As a result, the plastic material could experience color fading and become more brittle.

Addition of UV-resistant pigments and additives to the material significantly suppresses this process. Plant-based plastics with UV-resistant pigments and additives are available today. These materials allow me to make vases that are sustainable and long-lasting. All the vases I make are made of UV-resistant, plant-based PLA. Besides, I also make vases from PETG, which is already highly resistant to UV radiation by itself.

How long a 3D printed vase is resistant to UV radiation is unfortunately unknown. But, no need to worry if you leave the vase in a very sunny spot for some time.

How do I make sure my vase stays beautiful for a long time?

To keep your 3D printed vase in excellent condition, there are a few things you can do:
  • Turn the vase if it is in a sunny spot for a longer period of time
  • Place the vase in a spot with shade during the day
  • Clean the vase with a damp cloth, not with detergent
  • You can leave the vase outside on a sunny day, but bring it back inside at the end of the day
If anything happens to your vase in the meantime, or after that time. Feel free to let me know. And would you like to know more about the properties of the 3D printed items I make? I'd love to tell you more about them in my blog.
September 30, 2022 — Erwin Boxen

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